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We are Global-Well, a global initiative of independent scientists and well-being professionals.  By means of articles, literature reviews, podcasts, documentaries, masterclasses, webinars, e-books, and other content we give you access to unbiased, reliable knowledge in an engaging, supportive online community. 


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Mission: Pioneering a new era of optimal well-being and health for everyone on this planet.



  • Health belongs to the people, yet the current narrow biomedical approach shifted sociological, psychological, and welfare models towards healthcare dependency
  • Optimal health and well-being is the goal and should be facilitated by a new societal model refraining from excesses that lead to socioeconomic misuse.
  • High-level scientific information facilitates societal and personal resilience.


There is an urgent need for a new public health culture promoting more health and well-being.  A whopping 90% of our diseases arise from interactions between social, physical, and psychological aspects of our lives. So a pill will no longer resolve the issue.




We believe that everyone deserves to be healthy and happy. It’s a basic human right, and yet, most of us struggle to get there. What happens if you feel unwell?

You go to a doctor for a quick fix, and pills or a treatment are prescribed. If that doesn’t take away your symptoms, you’ll see another doctor…

What if you could learn how to relieve your disease, moreover, prevent disease, aiming for a long-term solution?
Take control, change your lifestyle and increase longevity!



You’re not to blame. The problem lies within our modern healthcare system. It became hyper specialized, examining body parts, instead of appreciating you as an holistic human being.

You’ve been taught to look for external help.
But deep down you know that you have the ability to heal and transform yourself.

All you need is the right knowledge at your fingertips and a critical, supportive network to make informed decisions towards optimal health and well-being.



It’s time to rethink the way we take care of ourself. The corona crisis has more than ever revealed the cracks in the current biomedical health model.

Global-Well entails a new integrative and holistic model on health and society. We ensure access to curated, unbiased, peer-reviewed, reliable knowledge, in an easily digestible way. Our aim is to bring you all the key findings you need in making a well-informed decision on your path to a healthy mind, body, and soul.




It all starts with you. Together, we stand stronger. That’s why Global-Well is more than an information hub of independent scientific knowledge. It’s a community that facilitates a worldwide collaboration between like-minded people, guided by renowned scientists and well-being specialists. We provide a new bottom-up approach where you, your family, and your friends regain control of your life, and well-being.

We will guide each other on our path to a healthier and happier world.


Put yourself in the driver's seat of your own health.

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Absence of Decent Scientific Information Can Destabilise Society

Absence of Decent Scientific Information Can Destabilise Society


Throughout history, crises have often been the harbingers of social change. And so it will be with the corona crisis. The biomedical and socio-political reaction to this challenging event has shown lack of decent scientific underpinning in many cases. The majority of countries launched discourses based on inadequate or insufficient scientific evidence. As the crisis progressed, the divergence between science and the implemented approaches became more and more apparent.  The latter translated into resentment leading to worldwide protests. 

With the rise of the internet, we have seen the emergence of many health information beacons. They attempt to inform the general public. However, we often notice objectivity or conflicts of interest with pharma or other industries. This can lead to absurd situations. For example, evidence shows us that a vast array of medication hardly contributes to improving symptoms. And yet, they are still prescribed ‘en masse’. 

History has proven many medical scientific innovative processes take up to 15 years reaching health practitioners.  Important information often remains hidden in the ivory towers of academics. Given healthcare providers have little time following up on the latest insights, this hardly ensures best practices.



Key Benefits of the Global-Well Platform


“How healthy are you?” What improves your well-being? Who is responsible for your (mental) health? Why is a good life-work balance important to you? Let us all find answers by regaining responsibility for treatments you see fit. Take back the ability to self-manage your health and well-being. 

Strengthen your knowledge about diseases, and how to address them. Work towards a shared decision making process with your healthcare professionals involved.  By entering a well-informed dialogue, you can make a substantiated informed decision. 

Engage and contribute with other peers worldwide in reshaping the current biomedical model. Intrinsically, you will become part of changing the socio-economic fabric of our world.   

We identify this platform as more than a virtual community.  Global-Well facilitates a worldwide collaboration created by and for citizens guided by renowned scientists throughout your journey. We can all make a contribution reflecting your personal and professional experiences.  So let us help you build a community where you and others take the lead in setting up programs on a local community level.   

Let integrative/holistic science be your guide towards optimal well-being.  The results of our common efforts can be transcribed in policy recommendations aimed at official bodies.  Our goal is to change society towards a prosperous well-being and health for everyone on this planet. 


Global-Well Is Looking For You!

As you might have noticed, our project is still in a startup phase. In the background our team is busy writing articles, making video and audio content and brainstorming like crazy.

We are looking into expanding our team with (independent) scientists, health professionals, and researchers sharing an holistic perspective on integrative health and/or have a keen interest in tackling the social determinants of health. 

Looking for an internship where you can help rethink health and society and gain valualble experiences along the way?


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As early as 1977, George Engel called for a biopsychosocial model. It evaluates the patient’s bodily symptoms, along with the social and psychological reality.  For example, a patient’s weaker immunity may also be influenced by recurrent stress.  

A few years later, Aaron Antonovsky developed the Salutogenic Model of Health in guidance to a novel health promotion strategy.  His term was derived from the Latin word ‘Salus’, meaning health and the Greek word ‘Genesis’ referring to the ‘origin’.  It became known in science as the ‘Origin of Health’.  Antonovsky was one of the first academics to notice stress was one of the driving forces behind developing a broad range of diseases and stepped away from the classical approach of looking at the disease (Pathogenesis)…

Antonovsky looked at all contributing factors which may turn into stress-inducers.  These stress components are well described in science as determinants influencing the physiological working of the body.  His aim was to use resources to strengthen resilience and coping behaviour.  The ultimate goal is reaching a ‘Sense of Coherence’, facilitated by three elements known as ‘comprehensibility’, ‘manageability’ and ‘meaningfulness.  Simply put: understanding what contributes negatively to your health, manage this and create a meaningful life. 

You, as a curious human being, may crave for independent, evidence-based, up-to-date, and state-of-the-art information. We integrate all evidence, also from non-classical Western medicine to help you decide which approach may suit you best.  

Global-Well provides this information in written and audible comprehensible language. This will be offered to you in different ways: scientific analysis, reports, podcasts, masterclasses, interviews, lectures, summits, and aggregated content.




Global-Well works as a two-way street establishing an interactive platform for you to interact with peers and the scientists involved.  Members can, as such, help determine the agenda of researchers. You will be able to participate in a virtual think-tank, building towards a new patient-oriented integrative and holistic health-model that should lead to international policy recommendations.  We help you engage in health asset-based community development that starts and grows from your initiatives within your local ecosystem. 

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